The AQUA®vital limescale magnet is quite easy to install.


You simply attach it to your existing main water pipe from outside (before or after the water meter). Determine the suitable position for installation of the AQUA®vital limescale magnet and clean the pipe. Clean zinced iron pipes from oxidation layer with emery paper. Remove the ground sheet and put the unit on the main water pipe. (Pay attention to arrows on the equipment). Make sure that the AQUA®vital limescale magnet fits on the pipe.


Montage vor Wasseruhr

Installation before water meter

Montage nach Wasseruhr

… after water meter

Montage senkrecht

Vertical installation


Sliding lid











Example Typ 3: Size of pipe 3/4 – 1 inch
Install the convex side of the ground sheet inwards. Put in the ground sheet. Fasten the srews by hand only!

Einschubdeckel umgedreht

Sliding lid turned around

Example Typ 3: Size of pipe 5/4 inch

Intall the convex side of the ground sheet outwards. Put in the ground sheet. Fasten the srews by hand only!


Iron particles of water will be attracted from installed permanent magnet inside the pipe. Therefore AQUA®vital shall be taken off the pipe twice a year for at least 24 hours, so these particles can be washed away.

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Lime remains in water, therefore hardness test before and after installation lead to the same result. Reduce quantity of washing-up liquid and detergent. Because of reduced tension of surface of water you just need the quantity recommended for soft water. Water might change colour to red-brown after installation for some days . Do not bother about it, this is one of the signs confirming the effect of AQUA®vital limescale magnet.

  • Correct functioning of  AQUA®vital can be ensured if the installation guidelines are followed exactly.
  • The relevant pipe size must match the unit dimensions.
  • If the watersupply comes from a well, a minimum distance of 20 cm must be observed between the AQUA®vital unit and the pump. (The same applies to swimming pool pumps)


AQUA®vital must be removed from the pipe at least twice a year for 24 hours!